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Cutting Edge Innovation was founded in 2017 to help food & beverage companies define their foodservice strategy, understand where they can win, and accelerate their entry and sales into accounts that fit their value proposition.

At CEI, we see a lot of companies who want to do business in the foodservice sector, whether through general distribution or regional and national accounts.  However, these suppliers don’t know where to start, what’s expected of them, or how to accelerate their success.

These companies are leaving money on the table by waiting to enter this market, or over investing in sales teams who don’t have experience before they find out whether they have something for this market segment. If you’re a brand who is having trouble finding the right suppliers for relevant food and beverage innovation, or a supplier who would like to learn more about how to accelerate success, please reach out!

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Team Members

Jeff Miller

Founder & Co-CEO

Jeff is an innovation and strategy leader with over 20 years of experience delivering measurable impact for iconic brands. He is the former VP of Innovation & Executive Chef for Dunkin’ & Baskin-Robbins.  Jeff has developed a vast network and knowledge of the industry, its suppliers, and what it takes to make products successful for large chains


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Julie Lim


Julie is an experienced global executive and general manager in B2B with over 20 years of experience with foodservice, and restaurant franchising industries. She has worked for leading global brands such as Starbucks, Kraft, and CAULIPOWER.  Julie is an expert in driving sales through strategy and inspiring organizational change for accelerated growth.

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