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Join me September 17th for a free webinar on ‘5 ways to supercharge innovation during the pandemic'

The foodservice industry has been one of the hardest hit as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.  At the same time, businesses have been forced to quickly adapt to this new reality and accelerate innovations like online ordering, take out, delivery, and meal bundling.  As the pandemic evolved, a great deal of clients and customers have reached out to discuss what this means for new products versus existing products, and how much of their focus should be on new product development. 

Join me Thursday, September 17th for a free webinar on ‘5 ways to supercharge innovation during the pandemic’

You can choose between two times: 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific) or 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific).

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Here’s some of what you’ll find out on Thursday’s webinar:

  • The importance of a healthy pipeline and of a strong innovation stable.

  • We’ll tell you common innovation myths and mistakes to avoid!

  • The need for speed.

  • The go to market process from big national chains.

  • What are the different categories of innovation?

  • If you are a supplier, how can you support big national chains’ innovation process during this time?

  • I will share with you “top of the funnel” thought starters.

  • In some cases, innovation could mean renovation. We will talk about that.

  • How do you keep your teams motivated and engaged?

Again, go here to register for Thursday’s webinar and discover how to innovate during the pandemic. 

Register here!

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Jeff Miller

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