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Are you a supplier who would like to learn more about national chains' unique needs and how to accelerate success, and grow your sales with foodservice accounts?

This online program consists of three simple steps.  In it, you'll follow along through almost four hours of content, moving at your own pace. The program includes 22 videos and associated downloads, worksheets, exercises, and examples that accelerate learning of the foodservice environment, with proven strategies and techniques on what it takes to succeed in the industry.  You'll get lifetime access to the course and all updates!

Who is it for?

Food Ingredient & Finished Good Suppliers & Co-Packers

  • Sales function - VP, Director, Manager of Sales

  • Marketing function - VP of Marketing/CMO

  • Business Development

  • Category Directors

Consulting & Strategy

  • Private Equity companies

  • Financial organizations, banks, analysts

  • Consulting organizations 

  • Agencies / PR companies

Branded Companies

  • Sales function - VP, Director, Manager of Sales

  • Marketing function - VP of Marketing/CMO

  • Business Development

The 3 Simple Steps

Understand the foodservice industry’s unique needs

You'll get the inside look at how products get launched at big chains, and how you can support them.

We'll guide you on how to research your best targets

This will drive you to create meaningful and relevant innovation for that works for their customer and their operations

Create the perfect pitch so they say YES!

Determine your value proposition and apply that to your homework to be able to nail your first pitch at national chains.


"As an Israeli company growing Mankai, the world’s smallest vegetable packed with nutrients, launching in the US market seemed daunting.  Jeff at Cutting Edge Innovation quickly educated us on the entire US foodservice industry, helped us align on a positioning for key segments, and developed a market entry strategy that moved us into product pipelines in both fast casual and the university dining markets”

Ephi Eyal | CEO Hinoman USA

As a 25-year veteran supplier to the foodservice industry, I found Jeff’s information fresh and insightful, taking many of the techniques I’ve used over the years and reframing them as more powerful and effective tools for successful meetingsBased on some of the course’s content, I was recently able to assist a client in not only getting on an approved vendor list, but also obtained 4 projects on the spot for them after their customer commented that their presentation was “excellent and showed that they did their homework”!  

I highly recommend this course not only to individuals and companies that are interested in getting into the foodservice space but also to foodservice veterans who may find the content valuable for its unique insights. 

Donovan Wong | Founder | The BizLink Group

"Over the course of the last few years, Jeff has been an excellent resource as an advisor and facilitator to help us grow our business for a variety of customers in the foodservice space. We needed help with one specific customer, in particular, and Jeff’s guidance and knowledge helped us to tailor our approach in a certain way that led to a substantial win. He is a true leader in foodservice and his unparalleled process would be a benefit to any company looking to win in this space."

Andrew Rigney | Business Development Director | Symrise

"Jeff’s Turbocharge Your Foodservice Sales course provides an invaluable insider perspective to working with and selling into large chains, ranging from an overview of the current foodservice landscape to effectively developing long-lasting partnerships.  The result is a masterclass on closing the deal!  I highly recommend Jeff’s easy to follow course as it maps out THE strategic approach to selling within the foodservice world."

Brandon Donovan | National Account Sales Manager | Foodservice

Step 2: Your Guide - How to Research Your Best Targets

This step consists of 6 videos with summaries, worksheets and downloads on the most efficient way to research your key target companies.

  • Understanding a Customer's Brand Strategy and Vision - Do you know your customer's brand strategy and core values?  We'll review what a brand strategy is and how to do important research on a target customer with specific examples.

  • Menu Strategy Overview - This segment covers what a menu strategy is, and common ways they're developed and implemented across chain types.

  • The Importance of Limited Time Offers - Often overlooked by newcomers to foodservice, LTO's are a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.

  • Menu Strategy Examples - Download the menu evaluation worksheet and follow along as we share 2 specific examples on how to break down your target chains menu strategy.

  • Restaurant Visits and Product Evaluation - Download the two guides and have them in hand when you watch this video.  We'll cover how to do a restaurant visit and evaluate your target customer's products.

  • Wrap up – We’ll take a few minutes to review everything we learned in step 2!

Step 3: Learn how to pitch to them so they say YES!

These three videos and associated downloads are the most critical step.  They will teach you how to define your value differentiation and create a world class presentation to pitch your product at national accounts

  • Value Proposition: Defining Your Unique Points of Differentiation - In this important step we'll take the time to explain what a value proposition is, and show you how to define your companies’ value.  We'll give you specific examples, as well as a fun exercise you can do with your team to complete this critical part of the program.

  • Applying Your Products or Services to the Target Account - Now that you can articulate your company value proposition, let's apply that unique offering to what you learned in step 2 about your target.  This is where you take what you've learned and the insights you've found to create meaningful and relevant innovation to share.

  • Creating the Perfect Pitch - Putting it all Together - You've learned about foodservice, you've done your homework, you've defined your value, and you've applied that to the account - now it's time to put everything into a compelling presentation to create that perfect pitch!

Step 1 - Understanding the foodservice industry’s unique needs

This step consists of 8 videos with summaries and downloads to educate you on the foodservice landscape.

  • Foodservice 101 – An industry overview - This video gives you an overarching view of the industry, how different segments and restaurants are categorized, and why foodservice is important.

  • Reasons National Accounts are Key  - This is where we cover the tremendous advantages to selling into the largest national chains.  You can use this information to build an internal business case for the resources needed when you target foodservice as a new sector in your business.

  • Why Foodservice is a Different Animal - Here we'll cover why national accounts are a different animal compared to other channels you may be selling in today such as CPG or Industrial.

  • Current challenges facing product development - In this video we'll cover some current and ongoing challenges that are unique to the foodservice industry.  It helps to have this perspective as you decide how to approach your target customers.

  • How Products go to Market at Big Chains - This is a basic overview of the go to market process for big chains - how that take an idea from concept to customer.  You may be familiar with this process in your own business or other channels, and we'll talk about what is unique to foodservice.

  • The Front and Back End of Supplier Support - The front and back end of supplier support is an important concept to internalize as you decide what type of supplier you will be in foodservice.  We cover this idea in outline form here, and go into more detail in the next two videos.

  • Supplier Support Detail - Front End & Back End - These two videos cover the support you can provide at the front end and back end of the innovation to market process in detail with examples.



As a bonus and in a fun an lighthearted way we'll share the top pet peeves of the people themselves who work national accounts, and we'll give you thoughts on how to avoid them.

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