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Are you a supplier who would like to learn more about the unique needs of national chains and how to accelerate the growth of your foodservice accounts?

This online program includes almost four hours of self-paced content to turbocharge your sales pipeline, including 22 videos with worksheets, exercises and examples. At the end, you'll be an on expert  foodservice environment, armed with proven strategies and techniques on what it takes to succeed in foodservice sales.  

Three Simple Steps to Perfect Your Foodservice Pitch

Understand the foodservice industry’s unique needs

Get the inside look at how products are launched at chains of all sizes and how you can effectively add value as a supplier.

Learn how to identify and connect with your key targets

We'll guide you on how to research contacts and build meaningful relationships with the most impactful companies for your brand.

Craft the perfect pitch
and close the deal

Learn how to use your unique value proposition to stand out among competitors and get to yes.

The Turbocharge Program

Your enrollment includes lifetime access to the course and all updates and a special bonus video featuring the top pet peeves of national accounts and how to avoid them.

Learn More

If you're not sure if The Turbocharge Program is for you or want to hear more about how

Cutting Edge Innovation can help take your brand to the next level in foodservice sales, let's chat!

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Donovan Wong

Founder, The BizLink Group

"As a 25-year veteran supplier to the foodservice industry, I found Jeff’s information fresh and insightful, taking many of the techniques I’ve used over the years and reframing them as more powerful and effective tools for successful meetings. Based on some of the course’s content, I was recently able to assist a client in not only getting on an approved vendor list, but also obtained four projects on the spot for them after their customer commented that their presentation was “excellent and showed that they did their homework!”


I highly recommend this course not only to individuals and companies that are interested in getting into the foodservice space but also to foodservice veterans who may find the content valuable for its unique insights. 

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